Western Washington Bouldering: Skykomish Valley

Western Washington Bouldering: Skykomish Valley


ISBN: 978-0-9971557-0-9

This rock climbing guidebook offers information about the newest bouldering areas near Seattle, Washington.  Including: Gold Bar, Index, and Skykomish.


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Five years ago, I started developing new bouldering areas with friends about an hour outside of Seattle.  After we discovered hundreds of new climbs, we began thinking about the best way to share them.

At first, I wanted to produce a new guidebook with an established publisher, but then I realized we had different goals.  My goal was to create the best guidebook possible and worry about the costs later. 

Fast forward to today and I've created an amazing guidebook with dozens of awe-inspiring action photos taken by Aaron Matheson Photography, a talented photographer in the Seattle Area.  I also worked with the University of Washington to include some great historical photos from the early 1900s.  Beyond that I teamed up with a talented videographer, Ben Neilson of Unique Perspective, to create a series of amazing climbing films.  The climbing films will showcase some of the best new climbs and inspire you.