The past several weeks Four Colour Print Group and I have been working on getting the book ready for production.  We reviewed 3 sets of proofs and things look good.  We are right on schedule to have book in Washington by June 1st.  We could have early bird books as early as late April.  As I indicated on the Kickstarter "Challenges" page it was unfortunately not financially feasible to publish the book in Washington.  The cost of production was insanely high and I was left with the decision to either publish a black and white book in the USA on cheap paper with a glued binding, or print in color, in Asia on quality paper with a stitched binding.  The company I am working with is based in the US but has its production in Asia.  I think you will be very happy with the final product.

I will have give you an update when I find out more.  You will also notice that the website now has a page for book orders.  If you would like to pre-order a copy this is the only place to order books.  Pre-orders will ship the same day books arrive from the printer.

We are also planning a Gold Bar Trail Work Day.  The Access Fund, Washington Climbers Coalition, and Department of Natural Resources are giving us the opportunity to repair the trails at Gold Bar.  Currently there are many large fallen trees blocking trails.  We will likely have several chainsaws (operated by qualified people).  

Please save the date: April 16th 2016.  8:30 AM