Located way up the North Fork of the Skykomish is an alluring piece of house sized granite which has deeply embedded itself into the cobble floodplain. Last Sunday Cole, Issac, Emma and I (Miles) made our way out to this amazing new ( well new to a chalky touch) river boulder.

       Several years ago, Isac Ostrostrom and I found this boulder on a "bicycle/Scooter" expouldering quest along the Index-Galena road. However, before I charm ourselves with discovery, it should be known that we neither found, nor were the first to climb it. But, who cares, here she is: 


Issac cleaning, while me Emma and Cole have fun.

A long afternoon window of sun and a mountain river is what separates it from the cool, ancient forest that surrounds it. 


Issac movin'

Emma beta

It was that kinda day

Issac making progress

Do this

The tight grained granite is enjoyed by many.

Waiting out the infamous Sunday night hwy 2 traffic