Several summers back I created preliminary topos of the Morpheus Boulders which I developed with Jesse Evans, Ryan Timm, Miles Berkey, Ben O'Connell and several other motivated climbers.  I created the topos with the intent of sharing basic information about the climbs we developed while we continued to develop other zones (Sasquatch, Paradise, Prospect, Galena Major, Mine Boulders, etc.)  and while I continued to make progress on my Western Washington Bouldering Guidebook.   However, several weeks after I posted the topos to my site, I removed them because I found out that they were being used in another guidebook without our (developers) consent.  

In recent weeks I have received various emails inquiring about the Morpheus Boulders and I have done my best to pass along information but I realize that there are probably many other climbers looking to get out and explore the area.  I have attached the topos to this post and hope that you will find them useful until I publish my full color guide in the Spring of 2016.   If you find the text small and hard to read I recommend printing these topos on 11x17 paper.

Additionally, I want to thank Jenny and Tracy at the Ibex Store in Seattle.  Today, when I returned home from work I found an awesome care package of Ibex gear to share with people that have been helping develop boulders.  As you probably have realized, shirts and jackets used while climbing get torn apart pretty quick, but developing tears your clothes apart even faster.  It is so nice to have some new wool shirts and jackets from Ibex that we can put to the test climbing and developing this season.  Thanks Ibex Seattle!

I will post some problem images and descriptions for Morpheus in the future. Also, there is no snow in the area as you can see from the images of the previous post. 


Morpheus-Page 3.jpg
Thank you Tracy and Jenny at  Ibex!

Thank you Tracy and Jenny at  Ibex!